[sf-lug] we're making a game

Lx Rudis lx_rudis at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 14 14:32:35 PDT 2008

hi sf-luggers.

the online community i've been working with has
decided to create a new multiplayer game.  we did
something similar [but less ambitious] in 2006 and the
result was sold to a major game publisher.  

the new game is based on an old game that we have
rights to, so we're not starting from scratch.  it is
_not_ a MMOG, so no wizards, flying demons or mystical
quests.  it's more like an actioner/shooter which can
support 8 or so players per 'arena'.

we _may_ recycle some of our existing assets, but our
desire is to move forward using the original work as a
reference, also to explore and exploit those
new-fangled webby-2.0-type concepts.  

we are interested in anyone who wishes to work with
us, but there's _always_ a need for Engineering

we would especially like to hear from folks who do
server-side coding [not just game work], who have
opinions on emerging technologies and who wish to
influence us, to help us learn, make sure we're
pushing the envelope.

we are volunteer-based with appx. 30 years' cumulative
experience in the videogame industry.

our goal is to make something _very_ contemporary and
our intent is to convert our sweat equity into $.  

please drop me a line if any of this is of interest to
you!  i'm happy to discuss the larger issues onlist,
but it will be about a week before i can publicly
share details on the game itself.    

thanks for your attention!


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