[sf-lug] external usb hard drive

Alex Kleider a_kleider at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 13 21:44:19 PDT 2008

--- Asheesh Laroia <asheesh at asheesh.org> wrote:

> Yes! (-:
> You can either:
> (a) install NTFS-3g (which is in apt), or
> (b) (preferred) if you're only using this drive with Linux systems,
> just 
> replace the filesystem on it with something more "normal" to Linux 
> systems, preferably ext3.
> You pick which route we'll go down, and I'll say how to do which (or
> both 
> - you can surely give both a shot).  I'd say more now, but I'm about
> to go 
> have dinner!
> -- Asheesh.

And I need to get some sleep! My clock is obviously running in a
different time zone than yours!

Seriously though: Thank you very much, Asheesh, for taking an interest.
Your response came in while I was digesting Tyler's suggestion and
trying to make it work. As you can see in my response to it, ntfs-3g 
seems NOT to be available in the "stable" repository of Debian.
I'd like to get ntfs-3g going so that the same drive can be used by my
wife for her backups as well (I've been unable to convince her to 
jettison Microsoft) BUT would like to see how a new file system 
could be placed onto the drive. So my choice (at the risk of sounding
greedy) would be "both!"

But unfortunately later: perhaps at JavaCat monday evening? I'll be
away from this computer until then (except for sshing.)

Right now I think the issue is how to get ntfs-3g onto Debian/Etch.
I should be able to do that remotely (i.e. ssh.)
I'll leave the HD running and attached over the w/e


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