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Kristian Erik Hermansen kristian.hermansen at gmail.com
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Rick, I am sure tyler will, but good point.  Tyler and I went to
school together so I know him fairly well.  He is actually one of the
guys that taught me a lot of eccentric unix stuff while I was working
for ibm at the university.  There is a funny story about how we
(mainly just him) wrote this massive p2p pc cloning script the night
before the linux lab was supposed to come online, so that all the
computers would be operational.  It was a blast.  Tyler is a great guy
and I'm trying to convince him to come visit us in california.  I'm
sure he could give a talk sometime as well.

Forgive my top-posting blackberry.  Regards from Texas :-)  I was in
austin for the first time ever on saturday and it was a wonderful
experience!!!  I also stumbled into a show and saw a weird act I now
know as jonathan coulton.  Coulton makes geek rock and releases it
under creative commons.  Go to his website and listen to the song
"code monkey" (for free).  I think many of you will get a kick out of
his witty lyrics and stunning musical talent (not facetious)...heh

On 3/10/08, Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:
> Quoting Tyler Trafford (ttrafford at gmail.com):
> > I'll mail this to Joey Hess sometime this weekend, I suppose...  I'm not
> > sure what "mass" appeal this would have though.
> You might want to make explicit that you're providing your patch under
> the same licensing terms as the original.
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Kristian Erik Hermansen
"It has been just so in all my inventions. The first step is an
intuition--and comes with a burst, then difficulties arise. This thing
gives out and then that--'Bugs'--as such little faults and
difficulties are called--show themselves and months of anxious
watching, study and labor are requisite before commercial success--or
failure--is certainly reached" -- Thomas Edison in a letter to
Theodore Puskas on November 18, 1878

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