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Students are starting to receive computers.  It is a slow process, because
the parents are getting accustomed to the very strange notion that their
kids can actually get computers for free.  They really don't understand the
whole concept of FOSS.  Having the Edubuntu lab is really helpful, because
it gives a sense of legitimacy.  The kids come into the lab to do
schoolwork, and the parents see that it is possible to actually have their
kids get decent computers for free as in beer.  But the concept of Free as
in free speech mostly goes over their heads.  And they don't really care.
What motivates them is that it is the same software that their kids will be
expected to use in the lab.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we still have about 20 boxes that were not
completely fixed.  (These are pre-existing school boxes).  Some of them just
never made it through queue on the day of the installfest.  If anyone wants
to come to the school today, I will be there from 3 pm to 5 pm to fix up
boxes today.  I will also be there next Saturday from 1 pm to 5 pm to fix up
these boxes.  Any help is appreciated.

I will be filming at the school for the Digital Tipping Point from 12 noon
to 3 pm, and unavailable during that time.  If you would like to come,
please txt me at 415-351-1300 until 3 pm, or you can phone me after 3 pm at
that same number.  Thanks!
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