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> TL;DR version: anyone know of a volunteer place in the city where I
> can go regularly to do this kind of thing?

Yeah, the KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy has about 20 boxes that we could
not fully diagnose and get running.  We also had so many volunteers that we
actually had the opportunity to dig out some older boxes from our computer
lab, and when we got through that, we moved on to the fifth grade math
teacher's closet, but we were not able to get through all of the latter.  We
have lots of work with the Edubuntu GNU Linux lab that could be done.  We
need to upgrade from Feisty to Hardy on the server; we could work on making
the network a fat client network, so that only the data, and not the
software, is pulled from the server; we could use a proxy server in the lab;
we would like to move all the thin clients (or chubby clients) to at least
512 MB of RAM to improve performance; we would like to be able to stream
audio across the network, which we cannot currently do, due to limitations
in Feisty (according to Daniel Gimpelevich); and maybe it would be nice to
find out if we could improve the through-put on the actual network.  We have
23 thin clients, which we could bump up to 26 if we had more hands; and we
have 1 video-editing-capable box that needs to have some sort of virtual
machine installed on it, since the virtualbox installation on the openSUSE
10.2 box failed for some weird reason.

Of course, if you are willing to do rough editing, you can help edit some of
the video from this weekend and other great thinkers, such as Jimmy Wales,
the Wikipedia founder, Eric Raymond, and others we have interviewed for the
Digital Tipping Point film.  As the rough editor, all you would be doing is
cutting out my stupid questions and whatever obvious gaffes the interviewee
made.  You would, essentially, be shaping a small bit of history, since this
footage that you edit will go directly to the Internet Archive's Digital
Tipping Point Video Collection, which currently houses 59 hours of footage.
We have 11 languages, and have been to 6 nations and 3 continents to get
this footage, so we especially welcome speakers of Japanese, Mandarin,
Russian, Spanish (especially Spanish!), Brazilian Portuguese, Lithuanian,
German, Vietnamese, Georgian, or French.

We have the only known footage of Richard Stallman talking about his life in
detail.  I interviewed him for 1 hour 45 minutes on his life.

You can see our raw video here, where we currently have 58 hours of raw
video.  This video will need to be re-rendered for most applications other
than casual watching, as it is our "source code".


Our keyword search index page is located below.  It is the place to go to
find specific persons or themes for our footage.


We are also planning to support a girls' after-school program called the SF
Oasis For Girls, and so if you would prefer to mentor some girls with FOSS,
there is that possibility.

If you would like to offer computer classes to any of the 10 through 13 year
olds at the KIPP school, you could teach Saturday school classes, or help
out with our few remaining GIMP classes at KIPP on Saturday.

If you prefer some large scale hardware work, James Burgett of ACCRC, who
sponsored and organized this event (along with Andrew Fife of Untangle.com),
has a warehouse full of boxes that could have FOSS installed on them.

This was a really great weekend.  Many kudos to James Burgett and Andrew
Fife for organizing it, and to Untangle.com for allowing Andrew to dedicate
time to the project, as well as for hosting the San Mateo installfest.
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