[sf-lug] [Semi-OT] Touch-sensitive input hardware

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Sat Mar 1 20:08:42 PST 2008

Between playing the "Rock Band" video game for the first time recently,
remembering and thinking about the old Koala Pad touchpad drawing tablet
from back in the Atari/Commodore/Apple 8-bit days, I'm wondering how hard
it'd be to construct either (a) a simple drum pad, or (b) a very basic
touch pad that I could connect to a PC as a joystick.  (I'd be more than
happy to create an Atari joystick, then connect it to a PC via Stelladapter.
This'd have the benefit of being usable ON my Atari, which is connected next
to my desktop at home, and is useful as a fun distraction for my baby son. ;) )

A few years ago, I created a simple 'drum pad' for my Atari using
cardboard, aluminium foil, and a couple audio cables.  And a lot of scotch tape. :)


I just let William play with it.  He seemed to enjoy it, but left it pretty
close to destroyed.  And he was chewing on foil. :)

Does anyone think this'd be something I could put togehter (say, using
some fancy partsfrom Friy's), and _without_ spending $$$ on an XBox/PS3/Wii
drum kit to use for parts, thank you. ;^)

* Rock Band drum kit (very fun, btw ;) )

* Koala pad (also very fun, back in the day)

  Note: Touch sensitive. Stylus was simply a piece of plastic, you could
  draw with your hands.  It returned a pair of analog ("Paddle", anyone?)
  values.  The button was used to tell it when you wanted to draw.
  Obviously, no pressure sensitivity or tilt.  Fine by me, this is for kids!

Thanks in advance!

bill at newbreedsoftware.com

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