[sf-lug] Linux podcasts

David Sterry david at sterryit.com
Sun Feb 24 23:28:07 PST 2008

Hello SF-LUG.

I don't post a lot but I'm more of a lurker, what can I say. Anyway, 
over the past couple of weeks, I've been listening to Linux podcasts to 
see if I could learn something and they actually inspired me to do more 
with Linux. Here, I wrote up the ones I listened to and my thoughts 
after listening. Check these out if you get a chance...

Linux Action Show - quite entertaining, co-hosts Bryan and Chris have a 
good comedic chemistry and talk about Linux from a developer and systems 
integrator point of view. They do the news on their bi-weekly show, 
answer listener questions and offer reviews of hardware and software in 
the GNU/Linux community. http://linuxactionshow.com

LUGRadio - this one's from Britain and features four guys who have 
various perspectives on Linux(Jono is the Ubuntu Community Manager at 
Canonical). What's nice about this one is that they have more hosts and 
seem to delve deeper into the aspects of community, freedom, and the 
direction various open source software projects are going. They're also 
hosting LUGRadio Live at the Metreon with exhibits and speakers on April 
12-13th this year so that might be fun to check out. Full access is $10 
only available in advance. http://lugradio.org

Linux Link Tech Show - This the longest running Linux podcast or so they 
claim. They've had an impressive list of interviews in the past and this 
show feels quite down to earth with less of a radio show feel. I heard  

If you know of any others(and I know there are many), I'd love to hear 
about them and why you like them. These are great for listening in the 
car if you're getting tired of your cd collection, some radio station, etc.

Dave Sterry

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