[sf-lug] Anyone have video cameras to film the March 1 event at Untangle or Marin?

Charles N Wyble charles at thewybles.com
Thu Feb 21 10:47:20 PST 2008

I'll be there with my camera. J 


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I am not sure that I am going to be able to make it to all of the Untangle -
ACCRC.org installfests, due to the fact that they are each about a one -
hour round trip from San Francisco by the time you factor in stops and
interviews etc.  So I am wondering if there is someone who would be willing
to film the Marin and Untangle events and capture the video to .dv and load
the .dv files to a few DVDs and snail mail them to me?  I would only need a
few minutes of b-roll of setting up the event and shooting the completion of
one or two waves of boxes.  It would also be good to ask one or two
questions of a few volunteers:

1)  How did you hear about the event
2)  Why did you decide to show up
3)  How far did you have to drive to get here
4)  [at the start of the event] How many boxes do you thing you are going to
be able to install
5)  [at the end of the event] how many boxes did you install? 
6)  Do you think that this event is going to make a difference for spreading
7)  Are you happy you showed up
8)  Where there any problems today?
9)  How did you solve the problems? 

If possible, when shooting these interviews, please remember to keep light
sources to your left or right shoulder so that the subject is visible.  Try
to please make sure that the subject has your full attention when asking the
questions, try to frame them so that their head and shoulders are in the
frame, and so that they are in either the left third or the right third of
the frame, as opposed to the middle of the frame.  Try to frame them with a
descriptive background, such as people hauling computers or people working
at computers. 

If no one can get video, then stills would be nice.

Thanks either way for considering my request.

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