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Neil neilgg at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 09:55:44 PST 2008

I have a garmin etrex (basic) with viking 
(http://sourceforge.net/projects/viking/)for displaying point and maps.
gpsbabel and gpspoint can download data via serial connection.
gpspoint saves in a format(gpp) acceptable to viking, but i pull with 
gpsbabel also, since their format(gpx) can be later converted to many 
different formats.
Since my gps does not accept topo map loading I don't have any details 
on doing that.

For pulling data I use a little script called getdata.
 > getdata RecentTrip
leads to RecentTripw.gpx RecentTripr.gpx RecentTript.gpx and
RecentTrip.gpp being downloaded to current directory

____Code for getdata script____

gpsbabel -t -i garmin -f /dev/ttyS0 -o gpx -F ./$1t.gpx
gpsbabel -w -i garmin -f /dev/ttyS0 -o gpx -F ./$1w.gpx
gpsbabel -r -i garmin -f /dev/ttyS0 -o gpx -F ./$1r.gpx
gpspoint  -dw -dr -dt -d /dev/ttyS0 -of $1.gpp

.gpp file has routes trips and waypoints in one file,
each of the .gpx files has routes, trip, and waypoints each in their own 

Let us know if you find any other good programs.


ted wrote:
> Hi!
> Has anyone gotten their GPS working in linux?  I am a backpacker and
> trying to load topo maps onto my Garmin eTrex Venture cx.  I am pretty
> sure I got gpsd to talk to the device, but I'm not positive.
> Any advise could prove useful.
> Thanks,
> Ted
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