[sf-lug] Tablet PC, MiniPCI b/g/bluetooth

Nathan Hoover nathan at foo-o-rama.com
Tue Feb 12 16:08:44 PST 2008

Hi folks, two questions for you.

On a whim, I bought a Tablet PC, specifically a Fujitsu Stylistic ST4110.
It's an older P3 based tablet, just a toy for me. I'm wondering if anyone
else has any experience with specific linux distros on this tablet (or any
other...). It's got XP Tablet Edition on it now but I'm sure a low spec
machine like this (800mhz, 512mb) would perform better with linux.

On a related note, it has an 802.11b MiniPCI card. I'd like to replace that
with a b/g+bluetooth card. Does anyone have any recommendations for a card
that is well supported with linux drivers?

Best regards,
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