[sf-lug] > Subject: Re: simple gui editor that will accept a paste

Alex Kleider a_kleider at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 8 13:40:55 PST 2008

--- Riley VanDyke <goodwriter2548 at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Note, first, that Linux copy-and-paste offers a couple of choices. 
> Middle-clicking pastes the traditional  (i.e.,
> text automatically "copied" simply by selecting it), while Gnome /
> KDE support the Windows / MAC conventions for copy-and-paste (CTRL+C,
> Next, try installing gvim, which is vim with a GUI front-end.  I know
> gvim is in the default Ubuntu repositories because I use it as my
> primary GUI editor.
> Then in gvim, in the Edit menu examine the Copy and Paste menu
> choices.  What you'll see there are the command strings used to place
> and retrieve information from special vi / vim named buffers.  This
> in turn will be your entry point into learning how vim uses named
> buffers -- including one that corresponds to the system-level
> "clipboard" buffer.
> So the answer is that vim will do what you want, but that vim rests
> on vi, which in turn rests on ex: The latter two having been created
> in the pre-GUI, command line only, days.  So *commands* rather than
> pointing-device actions remain the way to get text into and out of
> buffers...
> Finally, for fun also take a look at the geany GUI editor.  It's a
> self-described "lightweight IDE" which I've come to prefer over gedit
> (but not over GVIM) for script work and other similar tasks...

Thanks, Riley, for your input.
What's an "IDE?"
Is X "selection clipboard" your expression or is that what it is
generally called in X circles?
My inclination is to stick with vim and keep trying to ^ my knowledge
of its commands rather than trying to keep a lot of different command
sets in my poor overtaxed head. 


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