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For those who would like to start forming FOSS advocacy relationships with
the City & County of San Francisco and various non-profits that provide
services to CCSF staff and SF residents, there is a meeting on 2/20/08 as
discussed below as part of the movement underway to increase the digital
literacy in SF.  One example of this movement was the very fine effort
started by Jim Stockford, Tom Haddon, and Kami Griffiths in regard to the
St. Anthony's Tenderloin Tech day that was featured in this Cnet video:


That video was a major score for Tux fans everywhere, because it features
Ubuntu Linux as being a solution for a guy for whom Microsoft Windows was
not a solution.  The reporter uses the word Ubuntu and features Ubuntu
logos.  That event was organized, in part, by Kari Gray, who has been
instrumental in setting up the 2/20/08 event.  This event will be a rough
planning meeting for a subsequent event to be held at the Mission Cultural
Center at 2450 Harrison Street at 21st in San Francisco's Latino Mission
district 9.  An agenda for that meeting follows the meeting announcment.
The April event is expected to draw around 200 people to familiarize them
with the services that they can find on-line, and to acquaint them with the
various tech centers in SF.  The April event will feature child care and
food and will run in the afternoon on some Sat that is yet to be

These events (in Feb and April) are going to be dominated by Microsoft
Windows users, and the concept of GNU Linux and freedom in cyberspace is
still very much a foreign and questionable concept to many of the people who
will attend these events.  So we are still very much at the introduction
phase, and yet at the last meeting, many of these people seemed open to the
idea of trying Linux on a pilot project.

Details of the meeting are below, and the agenda for that meeting is farther
below.  Thanks to anyone who is interested in attending.


TechConnect First Community Technology Meetup!

CTN Bay Area and TechConnect invite you to attend the first Community
Technology Meetup! Each month we will tour a different organization in
the Bay Area that offers technology programs. Learn about their
programs and what they are doing to provide digital opportunities in
their community. We will share ideas, innovative curriculum and
resources. Most importantly, we will begin to build networks to
facilitate partnerships.

When: Wednesday, February 20 from 4pm-6pm

Where: Goodwill, 1500 Mission Street, San Francisco

Refreshments will be provided, please RSVP:

Become a member of this Meetup and receive announcements for future events!

I look forward to seeing you there!


 As I mentioned, the start of every successful event is knowing what your
> goals are for that event. We were able to create some terrific goals for our
> event at this meeting.
> We all agreed that we value health, self-sufficiency and prosperity for
> District 9 and that an event can help to create that.
> Our goals for the event are:
> - To promote existing city and local resources
> - To connect nonprofit agencies to each other and network information
> between agencies
> - To help local agencies gain resources
> - To demystify computers and Internet access and demonstrate safety of
> Internet access
> - To connect existing communities online
> - To evolve the technology community in the Mission
> - To educate technology providers about the Latino market
> This is a pretty ambitious set of goals for one event! I think we will be
> able to narrow our focus a little as the event develops and that these goals
> can represent our ongoing goals for the Mission District. Rueben even
> suggested that we could produce Tech Connect events every quarter.
> With such an ambitious set of goals, we agreed that we could produce a
> promote a fairly large event in April.
> Proposed Date: Saturday, April 19
> - Please check your personal, organizational and neighborhood calendars
> for potential conflicts.
> - Second choice is April 26, and third choice is April 12
> Proposed time: Noon - 5pm
> Estimated attendence: 200+
> We discussed an event that would offer
> - computer problem diagnosis
> - information about low-cost and affordable equipment, training and tech
> support,
> - one-on-one tutoring and resource demonstrations,
> - and more advanced workshops to appeal to more experienced computer
> users.
> I am going to contact other agencies and groups that may want to
> participate or offer services.
> We still have many details to work out, so I will set up another meeting
> for February 28 at 12noon to confirm program details and to discuss
> promotion. Please invite any of your colleagues who may also want to help us
> plan this event.
> Please email me any questions or suggestions youmay have before the next
> meeting.
> Thank you again for your vision, your energy and your commitment to a
> better future for the people who live in the Mission District.
> I am really looking forward to working with all of you!
> Kari
> --
> Kari Gray
> www.SFConnect.org <http://www.sfconnect.org/>
> 415-786-9935 cel

Kari Gray
415-786-9935 cel


Christian Einfeldt,
Producer, The Digital Tipping Point
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