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Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 11:33:47 PST 2008

hi Vince,

2008/1/31 vincent polite <vpolitewebsiteguy at yahoo.com>:

> Is there a way to add wifi, or a second number to a proprietary phone?

It is really good to hear from you again.  You might not get a response on
this mailing list, merely because this list is dedicated to Free Open Source
Software, and the iPhone is non-Free, AFAIK.  Maybe I am wrong about that.
I think that I have heard of people hacking their iPhone.  But the Happy
Shiny Evil Little Empire is every bit as much into lockdown as is Microsoft,
and so I'm not too optimistic about opportunities to hack the iPhone.  Good

There are lots of phones with Linux on them, BTW.  One of the main factors
that I weigh in deciding whether to get an electronic gadget is whether I
will be able to get support from the FOSS community before buying the
gadget, because I know that the community will provide me with better
support than the company that sells it!

> My cell plan is with ATT. They have a smart phone I'd like. It doesn't
> have wifi. If I wanted to get the phone with wifi, I'd have to pay for
> another internet account. I know the iPhone has wifi, but I refuse to buy
> anything from the over-priced "cult of personality".

I *think* that the Motorola Rockr and Motorola Razr have Linux.  Not sure.
I did see a similar thread on another list, and there was a link to
Linuxdevices, and they have a really good list of Linux phones there.  I
will look for that link in a secy.

Good to hear from you, as always, Vince!
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