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Wow, this is amazing timing.  Immediately after sending my earlier reply, I
received this notice in my email inbox from O'Reilly.  It is a book on
hacking the iPhone.  I have not read the details, just skimmed it:

If you cannot read the information below, click
[image: O'Reilly.com] <http://www.oreilly.com/>[image: For Immediate
Release] <http://press.oreilly.com/>
 CONTACT:   Kathryn Barrett
(707) 827-7314
kathrynb at oreilly.com

*iPhone Open Application Development: Rough Cuts Version*--New from O'Reilly
*The Hottest Rough Cut Yet: Write Native Objective-C Applications for the

 [image: iPhone Open Application Development: Rough Cuts Version]
<http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/9780596519513/> *Sebastopol, CA*—Certain
technologies bring out everyone's hidden geek, as the iPhone did instantly
upon its release. Now programmers are yearning to showcase their
applications on it, and Jonathan Zdziarski has written a book to show them
how to do just that. iPhone Open Application
US $19.99 PDF/Online, $39.99 book) covers both Apple's toolkit
and an open, community-developed toolkit that has been widely downloaded and

Currently available as a Rough
the book has already drawn more than 100 comments in the first few days on
the book's discussion forum on Safari Books
Online<http://safari.oreilly.com/0596518552>proving that developing
for the iPhone may be just as exciting as owning an

Rough Cuts is a service from Safari Books Online that gives you early access
to content on cutting-edge technologies--before it's published. It lets you
literally read the book as it is being written. You can read it online,
download as a PDF, or print. And you can participate in an ongoing
discussion about the book and technology.

Zdziarski, the developer of the first fully functional application using the
open iPhone toolkit, explains in clear language how to create applications
using Objective-C and the iPhone API, which in some ways resembles Apple's
desktop API and in other ways strikes new ground. The book covers
installation of the toolkits and background on the operating system and
Objective-C, then offers detailed recipes and working examples for
everyone's favorite iPhone features. Graphics and audio programming, the
CoreImage and CoreSurfaces interfaces for games programming, interfacing
with iTunes, and the use of sensors are all covered.

* For a review copy or more information please email kathrynb at oreilly.com.
Please include your delivery address and contact information.*

Jonathan A. Zdziarski <http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/au/1861> maintains
DSPAM, a high profile, next-generation spam filter that's up to
99.985%accurate and has been hailed by Slashdot and Wired News. He
lectures widely
on the topic of spam and is a foremost researcher in the fields of
algorithmic theory and neural networking

*Additional Resources:*
For more information about the book, including table of contents, index,
author bios, and cover graphic, see:

 [image: iPhone Open Application Development: Rough Cuts Version]
*iPhone Open Application Development: Rough Cuts
Jonathan A. Zdziarski
ISBN: 0-596-51951-6, 260 pages, $39.99 USD, £28.50 GBP
order at oreilly.com
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