[sf-lug] Urgent help request with Asus EeePC

Sam Geffner sgeffner at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 08:47:01 PST 2008

I bought an EeePC to have on an upcoming trip.  I leave Friday evening. I
have been struggling for 5 days to get a bootable flash drive with Ubuntu on
it so I can install Ubuntu Gutsy with Hamachi and VNC.  I followed the
directions at
and have a partitioned media stick which looks right but doesn';t boot.
Clearly there is something about the bootloader that escapes me.  Can anyone
please offer some email support or even some hands-on help [Noe Valley]
before Friday?  Installing Hamachi and VNC on the crippled Xandros that
comes bundled with the Eee would also be an option.

Thanks all

Sam Geffner
sgeffner at gmail.com
415-793-3562 cel

"That which makes our task difficult is part of the task."
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