[sf-lug] HP C3600S computer

Alex Kleider a_kleider at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 22 15:00:08 PST 2007

reasonable request
to comply I'd have to hook it up, fire it up and get it to tell me!
I was hoping someone who might want it would know and I could be spared
the time to do that.
If no one wants it as is, I'll eventually get that info.

--- Christian Einfeldt <einfeldt at gmail.com> wrote:

> hi
> On Dec 22, 2007 12:53 PM, Alex Kleider <a_kleider at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > I have, but have no use for, an HP computer;
> it's nice of you to offer this box to this group!  I am not seeing
> how much
> RAM it has, or how much storage capacity the HD has, or how fast the
> chip
> is.
> If you could post that info, it would be really helpful.

a_kleider at yahoo.com

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