[sf-lug] Fedora Core 8 printing to a Windowx/XP Attached printer

John F. Strazzarino jstrazza at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 22 12:48:08 PST 2007

I have a home network as follows:

1) Windows/XP machine with locally attached printer
2) Kubuntu 7.10 machine, which prints to the XP printer just fine
3) FC8 machine which does not print on the XP printer

Printer setup for Kubuntu machine is


I set up the FC8 machine with SMB as above, but it doesn't print

The name of the workgroup for the XP machine is workgroup
The name of the XP computer is betsy-s
The shared printer name is HPlaserJ

Interesting...The Administrator account on the XP box has a signon password, 
but I did not specify it on Kubuntu.  I have specified the password for 
Administrator in FC8.

Anybody got any ideas?  Do I need to mess with the Samba settings?


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