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By the way, we are organizing an interest group around OLPC at SF State.
> We currently have around 70 people (students, staff, faculty). We plan
> on doing a meeting on campus to bring together XOs, and talk about the
> many different things that can be done. I'll keep the list posted.

yeah, please do keep us informed.  This is really a rather extraordinary
possibility for our local FOSS public middle school project.  As you might
know, our public middle school considers itself a college-preparatory
*middle school*.  This school aims to inspire each and every kid to get into
a college-prep high school, and from there attend and graduate from a 4 year
college with a degree.  Of course, it is understood that things might
change, as these are just middle school students, but each kid knows the
year that he / she will graduate (would graduate) from college.

There are lots of other gimmicks aimed at keeping kids on a solid academic
track.  For example, each grade has several groups of students who are
identified by the college from which their teachers graduated.  So, for
example, one group of kids is called simply "Cal" for UC Berkeley.  Another
group is called BC for Boston College.  One of the groups is called, you
guessed it, SFSU.  I think that it would be really really interesting to
think about how we could integrate your SFSU OLPC XO group with a group at
our public middle school.  I think that the kids would probably really like
to hear from "real college students" what life is like at college.  The
students have already taken field trips to Bay Area colleges, but IMHO, we
could add to that by having your students bring over XOs and show them to

In particular, i think it would be interesting to have the XOs get wifi
reception in some of the dead zones at the school.  There are zones where
teachers can't get wifi reception.  How cool would it be to station XOs
outside the door within line of site of XOs in the classroom, thereby
bringing reception into the classroom!  And that is just one idea.

see ya.

Happy holidays to all.
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