[sf-lug] colo box developments

jim stockford jim at well.com
Thu Dec 13 16:31:46 PST 2007

    thanks to Nathan, the new colobox is near to ready
for deployment. its current state is
* CentOS 5 XEN kernel with LVM over RAID 1.
* Virtual machine supporting Debian for SF-LUG.
* Virtual machine supporting Debian for BALUG.

    The SF-LUG vm has postfix, apache, dokuwiki, php.
Nathan and i promised each other that I would get
the datafiles from the current colo box onto this new
box within a week.
    The BALUG bunch will have to set up their vm for
their purposes.
    After both LUGs' data is in place, we'll finish the
configuration and have it ready to replace the existing
    Nathan suggests we have a third VM supporting
some distro or another for shell accounts.

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