[sf-lug] laptop thoughts...

Mark G Sobell mark at sobell.com
Tue Dec 11 23:02:39 PST 2007

Hi All --

I am looking for a laptop, probably to run Ubuntu, maybe Fedora. I have a 
couple of requirements:

It must have enough power and be able to hold enough RAM (4GB?) to support up 
to three virtual systems running under Xen or VMware.

I would like a 17 inch screen so my eyeballs do not bug out after a day of 
editing/composing pages/spreads of text. For the same reason I would like a 
fairly high rez screen (1920x1200?).

The  ASUS G2S-B2 caught my eye. It is more than I wanted to spend, but my 
requirements may leave me no options. Anyone have experience with this one?


Other than that I am pretty open. I would welcome suggestions and any 
experience you have with this type of laptop.


		mark at sobell.com

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