[sf-lug] VPN Questions

Mark K. Zanfardino mark at zanfardinoconsulting.com
Tue Dec 4 10:08:55 PST 2007


The results of ifconfig do not reflect an IP address nor gateway
consistent with the network I'm connecting.  Right now I'm in the office
and I have my NIC configured with a static IP address that is OUTSIDE
the company network in an effort to test the results.  At home I've
configured my NIC for dhcp.

The log files on the VPN confirm that I'm getting connected via QuickVPN
(which also says I'm connected).  I can even see what IP address the VPN
has assigned.  It's just not getting translated down to my machine.

I keep thinking that there needs to be another device that acquires the
IP address from QuickVPN, but I'm not really sure of this.


Ernest De Leon wrote:
> Have you verified that once you are connected you have DHCP'd properly (IP
> address and default gateway) and that you are now using the remote DNS
> servers?
> Ernest
> On Dec 4, 2007 9:35 AM, Mark K. Zanfardino <mark at zanfardinoconsulting.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I've run into a problem I'm hoping one of you can help me resolve.  I'm
>> attempting to connect my laptop (running Kubuntu Gutsy) to my company
>> VPN.  The VPN is hosted by a LinkSys RV082 router.  I'd read
>> (http://joey.ubuntu-rocks.org/blog/) that I can use QuickVPN to connect,
>> which is the recommended method here at the office.  I've installed
>> QuickVPN 1.1.0 and can successfully run it in wine.  I can even get it
>> to connect and authenticate.
>> However, that's as far as I get.  I'm not at all sure what's supposed to
>> happen next.  I don't see another device with an IP address in the range
>> of my office network.  I can't ping any hosts in the office.  I'm
>> effectively not connected.  Any idea what I'm missing here?
>> I have generated a certificate on the VPN server and moved it to my
>> local machine, which resolved an issue with the software complaining
>> that I didn't have a server certificate, but that's all it did.
>> Cheers!
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