[sf-lug] VPN Questions

Mark K. Zanfardino mark at zanfardinoconsulting.com
Tue Dec 4 09:35:44 PST 2007

Hi all,

I've run into a problem I'm hoping one of you can help me resolve.  I'm
attempting to connect my laptop (running Kubuntu Gutsy) to my company
VPN.  The VPN is hosted by a LinkSys RV082 router.  I'd read
(http://joey.ubuntu-rocks.org/blog/) that I can use QuickVPN to connect,
which is the recommended method here at the office.  I've installed
QuickVPN 1.1.0 and can successfully run it in wine.  I can even get it
to connect and authenticate. 

However, that's as far as I get.  I'm not at all sure what's supposed to
happen next.  I don't see another device with an IP address in the range
of my office network.  I can't ping any hosts in the office.  I'm
effectively not connected.  Any idea what I'm missing here?

I have generated a certificate on the VPN server and moved it to my
local machine, which resolved an issue with the software complaining
that I didn't have a server certificate, but that's all it did.


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