[sf-lug] Earthlink's elink newsletter and "Linux for the desktop"!

RBV GoodWriter2548 at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 4 09:19:46 PST 2007


I've been using Ubuntu as my preferred operating system for just a bit less
than a year.  During that time I've been annoyed by the fact that my ISP
Earthlink refused to acknowledge that Linux even existed.  For example,
there was *no* mention of it in any of the company's fairly extensive
support pages.

Well, the most recent edition of Earthlink's emailed newsletter, "eLink
#136: Linux for the Desktop, Smurfing the Web, & More!", contains a link to
an article about Linux as follows:

> * Linux for the Desktop
> The FREE operating system
> By Donal Loch Hinman
> In the world of personal computing, you've got two choices of
> what kind of operating system to use--Windows or Mac, right?
> Well, uh, wrong. The truth is there's a variety of choices,
> running from geek-only-command-line-simple to the exotic 3D
> desktop playground. And there's a Linux flavor for every one.
> Why Linux? Well, let's start with free...

Read the full article:

It's admittedly a small advance, but one that I interpret as meaning that
Linux is slowly(!) moving a bit further out of the shadows.  Golly -- a
third choice for the desktop and everything!  8^p

Cheers & enjoy,

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