[sf-lug] Opportunity to teach the GIMP to students

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 16:31:44 PST 2007


If you like the GIMP and would like to teach kids how to use the GIMP, we
will have an opportunity for you beginning in mid January.  Our local public
middle school requires students to attend about 6 Saturday school classes
over the course of a three-month period.  The kids who are good get to chose
their own classes.

This public middle school tested first city wide last year in standardized
testing, and the kids are well-behaved.  And yet, 75% of these kids come
from households below the federal poverty guideline.  In other words, they
are officially "poor".  75% of the students are African American; 17% are
Latino; 10% are Asian; and 8% are Caucasian.  The children also are expected
to be polite and participate in class, and speak in complete sentences,
without excessive use of "ums" and "like".  And they do.

I have taught Saturday school in the past, and it is a lot of fun.  I just
don't have time right now to create a curriculum for the kids, and I also
kind of suck right now at the GIMP.  I will be there to help keep the kids
in line, and they know and trust me by now, and so you will NOT have to be a
disciplinarian.  You will just be able to focus on really making the GIMP

They are really cute, and really energetic.  Sure, they are not perfect
angels, but they really appreciate their teachers and you will certainly
find yourself looking forward to seeing their bright smiling faces in the
next class (which is why I keep writing about them on this list -- I'm
really hooked!   ;-)
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