[sf-lug] i got a SAN

jim stockford jim at well.com
Mon Nov 19 21:24:35 PST 2007

LSI LOGIC Corp. Fibre Channel Storage Array SAN


# LSI LOGIC Corp. Fibre Channel Storage Array SAN
# Class:  2600
# Model:  0834
# Serial: ------------------(I forget)
# 2 x 2Gb FC Controllers P/N 348-0049056 (controller are 2 ports of 
2Gb/s Host 1&2,  1 of link 100BT port,  1 serial, 1 x 2Gb Fibre Channel 
Expansion port)
# 14 x 74Gb Hard Drives
# Dual Power Supplies included.
# 2 Power connections.
# sucks 390 Watts

I got this as a donation from Alameda County Computer
Resource Center. James (the proprietor) told me to try
to get it to work rather than cannibalize it. I'd like to try.
anybody know anything about these things? my proposal
is to take it to HVLC and work on it there to while the time
while we baby-sit the place in case someone comes in to
use the center.

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