[sf-lug] distro advice, please

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With a little tweaking of Puppy's GUI it really doesn't look that bad, I will be bringing a laptop tonight with Puppy installed that you can take a look at, I think it looks pretty nice... 




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Does it seem reasonable for us to do an install on a Dell Inspiron 4000 with 128 MB of RAM and a 10 GB hd during the course of tonight's LUG?
I have such a notebook that a friend has given me to install Linux on, and so I am thinking that maybe we could just give a shot at installing Vector on it tonight.  Does that seem reasonable and feasible? 

Is there another small distro that someone would recommend?  Puppy's GUI seems to unprofessional, and Damn Small really requires CLI knowledge, IMHO.  So that kind of leaves Vector, AFAIK.


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