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On Nov 15, 2007 8:53 PM, Alex Kleider <a_kleider at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Again, my gratitude goes out to all who have given me input re my plans
> for building a high end computer.

Alex, have you considered buying a box, rather than building it yourself?
If you are someone who really enjoys getting under the hood, I can
understand why you might want to build it; and it is also true that you
might be able to get a little more horsepower for the money.

But there are two good local companies that can either build a box for you,
or sell you something from their standard line.  I know people from both of
these companies, and they are very actively involved in the FOSS community.
You are not quite a simple end user, but you are sufficiently new to Linux
that you might really be glad that you chose some of their products.

The first company is Zareason.  They sold us the boxes for our local public
middle school FOSS project, and they also spent a considerable amount of
time volunteering to help get our Linux thin client lab up and running.  You
can find them here:


The second company, TechCollective, also sent over a volunteer who spent a
lot of time looking at our lab, and helping us think about how to improve
it.  My contact there is a very passionate young man by the name of Yochai
Gal (it's an Israeli name), and would heartily recommend Yohai's expertise
and passion as well.


So you do have a choice of just sitting back and paying either of those
companies to help you out.  Since they are local and known and reliable, you
won't encounter any of the problems that you would with a big company, such
as blowing you off, not responding to questions, etc.

See ya

> Your responses have driven home to me how little I really understand
> about the issues.
> No, I am NOT a gamer! and I don't foresee any need for 3D graphics.
> I would however like to get into photo editing (GIMP)
> and be able to use VMWare (I need a MSWindows based program to see
> images delivered over the web for my job) which as I understand it is a
> program that can actually run MicroSoft Windows as a linux program. To
> do that I assume it needs a lot of hardware resources.
> Also I'd like to spoil myself and not worry too much about having too
> many  screens/windows open at a time. And have everything work asap!
> (I've started my Linux career using rejected equipment but now that I'm
> committed to it, I feel it's time to seriously upgrade!)
> So what I'm looking to get is high end, just shy of the 'latest' (so
> there won't be Linux compatibility issues and also so that the
> product(s) will be know to be reliable.)
> I certainly don't want to throw money away but I'm lucky enough not to
> have too much financial constraint.
> I was not aware of the poor reputation that Nvidia has re cooperation
> with the open source community so I'll take Rick's advice and stay away
> from them. Christian's suggestion to go with AMD has a rational I like
> also.
> Has anyone got a specific processor and motherboard to recommend?
> The EVGA 680i MoBo was suggested but I gather that it is for the Intel
> processor family and has Nvidia chipset(s.)
> The "build a linux computer" searching I've done has resulted in either
> very old posts or minimum investment projects.
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