[sf-lug] ThinkPad Type 2611-410 Model AA-D296F

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Nov 13 19:59:22 PST 2007

I wrote:

> OK?  ThinkPad 1410 aka i1410, machine type 2611, model 410, product
> number 2611-410.

I forgot to mention about a fabulous resource for Linux users on
ThinkPads, both the IBM- and Lenovo-branded ones:  Thinkwiki.org .

http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Category:I1410  is the wiki's
model-specific page about your i1410.  The wiki starts out by 
clarifying (on the page about the "i" series in general):  
"ThinkPad i Series: Classic budget models manufactured by Acer 
under license from IBM."

Linked pages confirm a lot of what has already been written about this
unit, here.  Also:

Release date:  Model debuted in November 1998.
Video resolution:  Subpage clarifies that the i1410's 12.1" panel 
    maxes out at 800x600 resolution.  Ouch.  That mildly sucks:  
    X11 just begins to be satisfactory at 1024x768, rock bottom.
    (800x600 works, but has annoying problems with things sticking
    past the bottom of the screen, and so on.)
Northbridge chip:  ALi M1531 aka Aladdin IV (has 66MHz front-side bus)
Southbridge chip:  ALi M1533
PCMCIA aka PC-Card slots:  (2) Type II, or (1) Type III slot
"Easy Launch" buttons:  The special coloured Home, Search,
    Office/Shopping, and Mail keys _can_ be enabled in Linux.
    The ACPI special driver code to do this was previously at
    http://www.informatik.hu-berlin.de/~tauber/acerhk/ , which is missing,
    but has reappeared at http://www.cakey.de/acerhk/  (OK, I've just 
    updated the wiki, to fix that link.)  PCMCIA controller chip, by
    the way, is an O2Micro model OZ6833.
I/O chip (attached to southbridge, and providing serial, parallel, IrDA,
    and PS/2 mouse/keyboard ports):  National Semiconductor PC97338
Neomagic MagicGraph128XD video chip:  We already knew that, but the 
    page clarifies that the optimal X11 driver is "neomagic".
Max memory:  Page mentions that, since PC66 SODIMMs are getting rare,
    sometimes you might as well use PC100 or PC133, which after all 
    are merely faster.  Says that i1410 _officially_ maxes out at 
    256 MB, which would be a pair of 128MB SODIMMs -- but that the 
    actual maximum might be higher.  (This is typical.)
TrackPoint IV pointing device:  A bunch of stuff about optimal support.  
    For basic X11, just make sure that the mouse protocol is "PS/2" rather 
    than "IMPS/2".
Yamaha YMF715E sound chip:  Clarifies that you'll use the "snd-opl3-sa2"
    ALSA driver or "opl3sa2" OSS driver.
Battery:  Clarifies that the battery is a "stupid" variant
    (non-processor-regulated) of Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery,
    _not_ the Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) class of battery most common today.
    ("Stupid" in this case might be a good thing, as a nine-year-old
    battery's probably not holding much charge any more, and a stupid
    NiMH is probably cheaper than an "intelligent" one.)

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