[sf-lug] Grub trouble

Femtoghoti femtoghoti at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 16:14:18 PST 2007

so i am working through a Gentoo install, using the instructions from
the handbook using a stage three tarball.  all has been well and good
until the part where i install Grub.

there are five hard drives in the machine.  one on the onboard
controller, and four on an add-on PCI card.

i have installed linux on /dev/sda and /dev/sda1 is small ext2 /boot partition.
windows lives on /dev/sde.

so my boot partition in grub-speak is (hd0,0) and windows lives on (hd4).

if is setup grub on (hd0) i boot straight to windows and grub is never
executed.  when i install grub on (hd4) and tell it that the linux
boot partition is at (hd0,0) all i get is a "GRUB Hard disk error" and
all execution stops.  i then have to restore the MBR to get the
computer to boot Windows.

so ... the question is any idea what is going on here?  or a direction
to head down?



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