[sf-lug] 1. vimtutor 2. /dev/pilot

jim stockford jim at well.com
Thu Oct 25 14:11:56 PDT 2007

    short answer: yes.
    there are many serious differences, pretty much all
of them improvements and/or additional features that
extend vim over vi capabilities.
    if your system has both vi and vim on it, you can try
both and compare:
$ which vi
$ which vim
    you might notice color differentiation within config
files using vim that are not apparent using vi, just for
one small but easy-to-see example.
    it may be that  vi  exists as a link to vim, in which
case you're likely to find both but discern no difference
between them (i.e. using vi brings up the vim editor).

$ which vimtutor
    should reveal vimtutor if it's on your system, though
it may possibly be in some directory that is not
specified as part of the PATH environment variable
you're using.

$ find / -name vimtutor
    should work, though not for versions of the find
command that are very old.
    to verify the above syntax works, use
$ find / -name ls
if that comes up empty, my syntax is wrong for your

    is useful, so i've been told, though it could stand
some improvement (mainly clarification here and
there). any and all feedback is welcome.

On Oct 25, 2007, at 11:34 AM, Alex Kleider wrote:

> Rick: where can I find vimtutor? vi, vim: serious differences?

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