[sf-lug] old processors and kernel optimization for them (continuation of questions re ThinkPad P266

bobbie sellers bliss at california.com
Wed Oct 24 20:29:55 PDT 2007

Hi Alex Kleider, on 10/25/07, you wrote:

> Rick:
> You've been great helping me and again I'm very gratefull. A
> few follow up comments and questions if I may. I did open the
> "back door" to the "SODIMM" bays and have had the memory out
> for inspection. Trying to count the number of contacts was a
> serious test of my vision! We have new maxed out "sticks" on
> their way for $17 each so it is being done as you advised.
> (savings of ~$150 compared to the computer shop, I thought the
> shop would be more expensive but never dreamed it would be that
> much of a ripoff) I now understand perfectly about the kernel
> chick&egg problem. You mention that Mandriva as an example of a
> distro that is downloadable in both i586 (what I'd need) as
> well as i686 versions. I'll check out if I can find such a
> download. If there are others of which you know please mention
> them. (always good to have a backup.) I have yet to try what
> you suggested (locate plugins +/- updatedb)to get flashplayer
> installed: hope to get to it soon. Thanks again, Rick

> alex at kleider.net

    I have Mandriva 2007.1 install DVD.  Before too long I may
have the ISO for the 2008 CDs.  I also have the CD ISOs for 2006 
which isn't too shabby. If you think this may be of
help let me know.  I won't be picking up e-mail after 2100
this evening though until after 0800 tomorrow
    Bobbie Sellers

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