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On 10/23/07, Kristian Erik Hermansen <kristian.hermansen at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 10/23/07, Christian Einfeldt <einfeldt at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I have just had horrible luck at downloading Gutsy, but I now once again
> > have kind of a time urgent need for Gutsy.  If there is anyone in SF who
> has
> > been able to download Gutsy desktop 32 bit, I am going to be installing
> it
> > on a notebook that is a wee bit older (40 gb hd, but 1gb RAM) for a very
> > interesting user who I will tell you all about after this is
> done.  Let's
> > just say that this person is very colorful, and has changed US
> > Constitutional law.  We are going to have the pleasure of blowing away
> XP
> > and installing Linux on this notebook, which is always an added bonus
> point.
> Yeah, use bittorrent...
> $ sudo aptitude install rtorrent
> $ rtorrent *.torrent

This torrent file is sitting on an openSUSE 10.2 box.  I am guessing that
the sudo command you listed will not work, and that I will need to grab it
with YAST.

But, once I get rtorrent, I will be able to do

$rtorrent *.torrent

and complete the process.

I am almost interested in not taking any further action at this juncture,
though, because I do have a good burn, as I am writing this email from a
liveCD session of Gutsy, and the openSUSE box which burned it is currently
seeding.  Ah, how cute and lovely!!  I have never been a seeder before.

Actually, the really interesting thing is that it appears that thermometer
bar in ktorrent for "parts of the torrent which have been downloaded" has
increased, and is solid blue; whereas the portion of the "parts of the
torrent which are available" has decreased and is now broken up with white
spaces!!!  In other words, it appears that ktorrent is chunking up whatever
portion of the distro was available.  I thought that bittorrent actually
just copied the package chunks.  So I am not sure why the "seeding" portion
of the ktorrent is less blue than before.

Okay, just now a funny thing happened.  The "available" (seeding)
thermometer bar turned completely blue, and then fragmented up again.

At any rate, I have now seeded 10.3 MB of the distro, and I guess that I
will leave this box running for a while.  The box has no critical data on
it, and so I don't really have to worry about crackers too much, although I
guess i would hate to see the openSUSE 10.2 become a zombie, in which case I
would need to reinstall both openSUSE and the virtualbox that is going to be
used to run Adobe under Windows (cough).

The story there is that the teachers were each paid $1,000.00 for one week
of attending an Adobe seminar; plus Adobe will be paying the school $5,
000.00 to use however they want to purchase non-compture video-related
equipment; plus Adobe will be "giving" the school "$23,000.00" worth of
"free" (as in beer) software.  It is really funny to watch these newbies'
eyes light up when they see that they are getting "free" Microsoft software
or "free" Adobe software.  It really is sort of like a crack situation --
meaning that Adobe and Microsoft are crack dealers.  The FOSS applications
are really fairly close in performance to the "paid" non-Free alternatives,
but because these companies charge so much money for their products, and
other people pay, these newbies think that the non-Free software is
"better".  Maybe they are right in some respects, but IMHO, a substantial
measure of the "quality" of the paid non-Free products is hype.
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