[sf-lug] "on-call" volunteer for the school lab from 10/29/07 through 11/08/07?

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 13:22:37 PDT 2007


On 10/23/07, jim stockford <jim at well.com> wrote:
> i'd be willing to help out. when?

Basically, this is just in case help is needed between 9 am on the morning
of october 29, and Thursday, November 8.

Also, how would you prefer to be contacted?  via email or phone?  It might
be nice to be able to have the option of giving the educators your phone
number, with the understanding that they are not to call you about 1)
Windows problems or 2) anything less than an urgent matter.

Thanks again!
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