[sf-lug] thinkpad

Alex Kleider a_kleider at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 21 21:38:52 PDT 2007

I've got DSL (Damn Small Linux) running on the think pad.
fdisk didn't work because I didn't realize that I was not root by
default!!!!!!! (what a dolt I am)
Everything loaded as per the instructions on the web site you gave me.
So my goal of getting a functioning linux system has been achieved.

It is still of interest to me as to whether the 2.6 kernel is really
incompatible with this processor: ?PII/366? uname reports i586 unknown
(machine and processor respectively I think.)
By the way: the hard drive is less than 3G, not 30. But that I think is
still enough for my friend's (the owner) purposes.

alex at kleider.net

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