[sf-lug] 32bit VS 64bit

Ernest de Leon dryicezero at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 09:53:55 PDT 2007

Your Nvidia issues should not be an issue in Ubuntu.  Just use the
proprietary drivers.  There should be an option in the administration drop
down for proprietary driver manager or something like that.  You will not
see any issues running the 32 bit version of Ubuntu.  The two versions (32
and 64 bit) are fully operational and identical except for the addressing
space and some small issues (with workarounds) like flash.  As far as I
know, there is no way to change between 32 and 64 bit versions without
reinstalling.  There are only 2 benefits you will get from running 64 bit
anyway:  1:  address more than 4GB of RAM, 2:  Performance boost for apps
specifically written for a 64 bit OS.  I run 64 bit Ubuntu 7.10 specifically
for the RAM issue.  32 bit OSes cannot address more than 4GB and even at
that, if there are multiple devices connected to the PCI bus, the address
space shrinks further from 4GB down to the mid 3s.  Is there a specific
reason that you want to run 64 bit other than strictly for the sake of
toying with it?  By the way, today is the official release for 7.10 so


On 18 Oct 2007 11:39:59 -0400, Blake Haggerty <Blake.Haggerty at sapphire.com>
> I just did a major upgrade to one of my computers last night. Things seem
> to be going well (aside from a few NVIDIA driver issues).  This may be a
> dumb question, but I am curious, With all my new stuff installed the
> computer is capable of running a 64bit version of Ubuntu. Because of that am
> I going to see issues continuing to run my old 32bit install?? Also are
> there anyways to upgrade to a 64bit version with out using a disk? IE update
> manager OR internet upgrade?
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