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Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 12:36:47 PDT 2007


I am interested in starting a Western Addition outreach section on the
Digital Tipping Point wiki.  You know the old saying, think globally and act
locally.  Well, we do have several nice projects that our SF-LUG community
is working on:  the HVCC and the public middle school project.  So I thought
that it might be nice to have a central clearing house for info for the
gurus in our group to communicate with our newbies.  Two ideas that jumped
to mind are a wiki and an IRC channel on Freenode.

Here at the school, our team has been installing PClinuxOS, which comes with
a really nice implementation of xchat.  Xchat is not exactly
newbie-friendly, but PClinuxOS (pclos) does a really good job of
automatically launching xchat windows that connect to pclos community chat
and pclos support pages.  I thought that maybe we could do the same thing,
and maybe we could make the support page a default page in Firefox for the
PCs that we give out.

This immediately past Saturday, we had a very large convention of teachers
for social justice at the school.  I did get contacts with lots of teachers
as a result.  I also met with two Members of the Board of Education, as well
as the owners of Marcus books on Fillmore, which is a book store for African
America writers.  The book store owners were interested in getting at least
one FOSS computer.  I would like to pursue all of these relationships
further, and I wanted to keep this list informed, so that other people can
jump on as they see fit.

I am not going to start a Western Addition out-reach page on the DTP wiki
until after tonight's SF-LUG meeting, because we have so many able sys
admins on this list, I wanted to check in with you all first.

A lot of these newbies seemed genuinely interested in learning more about
FOSS.  This might be an excellent opportunity to grow our local LUGs.

see ya.
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