[sf-lug] equivalent of newegg for buying a new/refurbished TV?

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Hey Kristian,


This isn't like Newegg (its actually a EBAY store) but I bought my 50" Plasma  and 27" LCD  and 46" DLP from them and everything has been excellent and delivered as promised. They sell allot of  floor models or overstocked or slightly damaged goods.


Toshiba 46" DLP (scratch on bottom right of the caseing) $416

Toshiba 50" Plasma (couple scratches on the stand) $950

27" Sharp LCD (looks perfect cant find what they said was the blemish) $250



They do have allot of crap on there too but none the less a great place to buy. (some stuff you have to pick up in Menlo Park) 





WARNING: Do not buy a DLP for the Wii  I had a DLP then I bought the Wii and had to buy the Plasma because DLP's do not have 180 degree viewing angles so when you stand up the picture is not as enjoyable (I tend to stand when playing the Wii)



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Hey guys, 

I am looking for a website that is the "newegg" of buying a 
new/refurbished TV. Newegg has been a favorite of mine for a long 
time. I enjoy that people on the site write reviews and rate their 
purchases. Newegg has some of the most competitive prices and best 
return policies around. Is there some site like this for other 
non-computer related consumer electronics either online or in the bay 
area? Thanks! 

Ummm, I must admit I don't really watch TV, but I just bought a Nintendo Wii!!! 
Kristian Erik Hermansen 

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