[sf-lug] bayPIGgies meeting Thursday 10/9: AJAX testing with Windmill

jim stockford jim at well.com
Sun Oct 7 17:00:34 PDT 2007

Thursday, October 9, 2007:
The Windmill Open Source AJAX Web UI Testing Framework
by Mikeal Rogers and Adam Christian, QA Developers from the Open Source  
Applications Foundation and project leads for Windmill.

Location: Google

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any first-minute announcements.

..... 7:35 PM to 8:45 PM ................

Windmill is an open source web testing framework intended for complete  
automation of user interface testing in all browsers across all  
Operating Systems, originally written for testing the Chandler Server  
WebUI. Windmill is written in Python and Javascript and has strong test  
debugging and authoring features. It implements cross browser testing,  
in-browser recording and playback, and functionality for fast accurate  
debugging and test environment integration.

Our talk will focus on the architecture, general usage, and features  
that set it apart from other similar tools and is based on the our  
presentation at OSCON 2007. We'll cover what was in the OSCON  
presentation, but more quickly so we can dive in to the python related  
features. We will explain the workflow between the python and  
javascript ends and illustrate how some of the design choices helped us  
create a more complete and dynamic architecture.

If you would like to read the PDF of the OSCON presentation, see

To read the Windmill project home page, see
Windmill (http://windmill.osafoundation.org)

To get a summary of Windmill, see

To get a sense of the Windmill features, see

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