[sf-lug] Linux install on Older Laptop (Ubuntu??)

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 17:42:44 PDT 2007


I do feel your pain here.  I actually really like SUSE, but I do have a love
/ hate relationship with YAST.  On the one hand, YAST is a really good go-to
tool for solving most admin problems.  On the other hand, setting up the
repositories can be difficult.  In fact, I am *still* to this day wrestling
with getting smilutils and smil2raw installed on a recent openSUSE

On the other hand, YAST has always done a better job for me in installing
flash, as opposed to Kubuntu.

Again, the easiest media distro that I have ever used is pclos.  It is such
a no brainer to install both Win32 codecs (ick) and Adobe flash on pclos.
These proprietary media formats and programs are the bane of my existence
currently, because of course teachers just look at me as if I am stupid when
I talk about free formats, and the kids just give me blank stares as if I
suddenly started speaking Russian (we have no Russian students, which is
actually a surprise, given the large Russian population in SF).
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