[sf-lug] Linux install on Older Laptop (Ubuntu??)

Jason Turner jturner at nonzerosums.org
Thu Sep 27 14:35:11 PDT 2007

Blake Haggerty wrote:
> This weekend I am going to be installing Linux on a Co-workers laptop. 
> It took me awhile but eventually he is ready to switch and he's 
> actually rather excited about it. His laptop is a Pentium 3 455Mhz and 
> it has 340mb of RAM. I am curious as to suggestions on what distro to 
> set him up with. I am leaning toward Ubuntu because of the ease of use 
> and how it is very good with detecting new hardware and having it work 
> easily. I dont feel like spending all weekend pulling my hair out 
> trying to get it to recognize the wireless card.
> Now I think that maybe his machine isn't fast enough for Ubuntu??  So 
> I was considering XUbuntu, Has anyone had experience with this??
Looks like you have plenty of good info/confirmation, Blake. 

I'll add mine because a P3 450Mhz laptop(Thinkpad 600X) was my first 
experiment with running _desktop_ linux.  It has 512M.

Skipping past my Debian and FC experience, the Ubuntu install was 
flawless.  Compared to the default GNOME, XFCE was noticeably "peppier". 

After busting the screen (one too many drops), the machine still 
functions today as a handy little homeoffice server.

Happy trails installing.


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