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> Quite interesting indeed.  If we can trust the source of the "20%
> market" quote, then all Linux has to do is gain that level of
> dominance to dispel the monopoly :-)  What do we have, 17% to go?

In parts of the world, for certain applications, Linux is already past 51%.
That is one of the things that I hope to accomplish with the film -- to
suggest that the US is not the world, nor is North America, and that people
are making OS choices in other parts of the world that will affect us in
North America.

The Anglo dominance of computing is coming to an end.  We may wake up one
day to find that people in Spain, for example, are ahead of us in certain
ways.  Oh, wait, that already has happened.  Extremadura Spain, one of the
17 Regions (Provinces, States) already is far more sophisticated than we are
in FOSS deployment.

The power centers are shifting.  One of the implications of FOSS might be
that it will be necessary to learn Spanish to really come up to speed with
certain types of applications on the desktop, since many of the advances
there are being made in Spain, and in Spanish.  And that's just one example.

Spain was *the* world power super-power at one time.  It could happen
again.  Or China. Or even India, which now has the fastest growing economy
in the world.

It is these cultural changes that the Digital Tipping Point seeks to
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