[sf-lug] Hello! Just moved to San Francisco from Boston...

Bobbie Sellers bliss at california.com
Sat Sep 15 08:41:52 PDT 2007

Jeff Bragg wrote:
> Welcome to SF, Kristian.  We have a meeting scheduled for this Monday at the
> Javacat cafe at 20th Ave and Geary St (the 38 and 38L lines will drop you
> nearly right in front of it, if you use public transit).  There are usually
> 5-15 of us there for any given meeting; there are a lot of other active
> members, but you'll get to know them by reading their posts/responses and
> might even run into them at Linux-related events or one of the volunteer
> projects with which we are associated.
> My name is Jeff, btw, and I'll be at the meeting Monday.
> On 9/15/07, Kristian Erik Hermansen <kristian.hermansen at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello Everyone,
>> I just wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Kristian Erik
>> Hermansen.  I am a 25 y/o male Linux hacker.  I just moved to San
>> Francisco from Boston and am looking to become involved with and learn
>> about the local Linux User Group.  Does it have a strong physical
>> presence?  About how many people show up to the meetings?

	And if we don't meet your taste you can learn about some
of the other San Franciso Linux User Groups from Jim Stockford.

>> Here are some facts about me and my tastes!  If you like, please
>> introduce yourself to me publicly or privately.  I hope to get to know
>> some of you shortly :-)
>> Hometown: Boston, MA
>> Education: Some Graduate Coursework
>> Occupation: Security and Open Source Specialist
>> Distro of choice: Ubuntu
>> UNIX of choice: OpenBSD
>> Currently Running: Gutsy (amd64)
>> That's about it.  If you don't care, disregard this message!
>> --
>> Kristian Erik Hermansen

	And my name is of course Bobbie Sellers and if I am not at the
meeting on Monday it would be strange, welcome to San Francisco and
be careful of casual acquaintances.

     bliss at california dot com

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