[sf-lug] ntfs file system is read-only- how to get around this?

Alex Kleider a_kleider at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 27 11:06:07 PDT 2007

In my attempts to encourage the use of Linux I've successfully
convinced a friend to install Debian desktop on a dual boot; (he's not
ready to cut the umbilical cord completely and probably never will be.)
In the process I've discovered that NTFS can be mounted read only!
(Something that all of you probably already know.)
I am able to go through the rather tedious process of changing
directory permissions as root and drilling down to a file's parent
directory and then copying it to the linux file system where it can be
useful but again only after changing permission and ownership. All of
this needs to be done as root. Once the file is changed (as in edited
by OpenOfficeWriter for example) I guess there's no way to make it
accessible by the windows system again; except perhaps via a usb memory
stick or some such device.
Does anyone know of a simpler way of "sharing" files between OSs
sharing a dual boot system?

alex at kleider.net

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