[sf-lug] Question for an interview

Ola Peters lantechie at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 14 22:13:07 PDT 2007

Thanks to everyone for their answers. The only two Linux questions I was asked
was how to change a users password...(command line suroot) which I knew and the
the other was what is the name of a job that you want to run over and over
again...(cron job).

The harder questions were the Windows questions, and some hardware
questions, which while not difficult, were really something
that if you didn't use it everyday, you sat there like a nub
trying to think of the exact answer...

It was good practice. 
add LDAP and NFS and Samba

On Aug 14, 2007, at 4:30 PM, jim stockford wrote:

>     probably too late, but it's an interesting question, so
> just in case:
> 0 first discover the nature of the Linux work. Probably
> not desktop, maybe a local (or remote) server host?
> what kind of servers (or other apps)? any backup
> specifics? security specifics?
> 1 storage, including filesystems and RAID and backup
> techniques.
> 2. IPtables and monitoring, maybe admin software
> such as nagios, cactii, etc.
> 3. shell scripting with BASH, perl, possibly some other.
> 4. server install and config, notably apache, mysql....
> 5. ssh access issues, configure sshd to be open on
> other ports than the default.
> On Aug 14, 2007, at 1:52 PM, Ola Peters wrote:
>> since interviews can cover so many things, what areas should I focus
>> on for a quick study prior to being interviewed for a mixed
>> environment containing both Windows (which I am guru) and Linux
>> I am a beginner, with the exception of managing NetApp filer, which
>> am a guru)...
>> Guide me please.  It's in and hour and one half..
>> thanks,
>> Ola
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