[sf-lug] Cheswick and Bellovin's book

Alex Kleider a_kleider at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 12 22:41:58 PDT 2007

 Re: sf-lug Digest, Vol 20, Issue 31 (Rick Moen)
 Cheswick and Bellovin's book 
On Rick's recommendation I ordered, have received and am more than
1/3rd through the book although it's getting more difficult to follow
the more I get into it.
Rick, perhaps you'd be willing to comment on something that puzzles me:
They seem to use the term "gateway" in a sense different than I have
understood it. I thought it meant a machine that had at least two
interfaces, and connected networks. They have single interface hosts
serving as gateways in many of their topology diagrams.
They use the definition: ".. provides relay services to compensate for
the effects of the filter."
Can you suggest a source that might clarify this for me a little?
(I enjoy their no nonsense but still good natured writing style.)

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