[sf-lug] Prince Ciao & Master Sun

Alex Kleider a_kleider at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 22 17:19:30 PDT 2007

Rick: I read the content of
per your recommendation. It's cleverly written and it does make the
point that not exposing oneself is the best approach. I didn't find
that there were any useful suggestions in the context of our
"Don't use crappy software" certainly sounds like good advice but not
being (yet?) able to write software of my own, I can only hope that
something coming from Debian (substitute your favorite distro) is as
safe as it can be. With study and advice from you and others here I'm
hoping to broaden my understanding of how things work and configure
things as securely as possible. So again, thanks for your input (which
I am slowly processing- there is a lot there to process!)

alex at kleider.net

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