[sf-lug] interlopers continued

Alex Kleider a_kleider at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 19 20:04:29 PDT 2007

> much later connected to "linux"), 
sorry about that seriously misleading typo

> It now seems more likely that you are talking about something
> radically
> different.  It now seems likely that you were trying to call our
> attention to your netstat output, and to local process "linux".
> Anyhow, it's your machine:  You should be the top authority on what's
> running on it and why.  If that's not the case, then that's your
> first
> problem to fix.  

My sentiment exactly: I am trying to figure out what this "linux"
process is and can find a reference to it nowhere.

> I note, in passing, that you seemed at the time to be using IRC on an
> EasyNews.com host.  

I agree that the above seems a reasonable assumption but in fact before
these connections got established, I'd never heard of IRC and had not
been surfing the web at all. I've been using this machine pretty much
solely to learn about networking and GNU/Linux in general. And all this
from the command line.
I am pretty sure these connections were NOT instigated by me.
Time may tell; as I've mentioned, before when I got rid of the
connections by rebooting, they became reestablished over the course of
several days or a week or two. It's been three days now since I've
dumped them so I'm expecting a reappearance any day.

I'd make a Silly Wild-Assed Guess (SWAG) that
> you're 
> seeing just the usual sort of return connection to IRC clients for,
> e.g., doing an identd check to make sure you're not a bot.

What is a "bot?"
identd seems to generate no output.

> Anyway, "lsof" and "ps" with appropriate options should help you
> figure
> out what's really running on your system and why.  Of course, if your
> system _is_ compromised, then you cannot trust those or any other
> program -- a standard gotcha of computer security.  See also:
> http://linuxgazette.net/issue98/moen.html

I had a look at that article of yours. It's a lot for a neophyte to

Thanks for your comments.

alex at kleider.net

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