[sf-lug] Ubuntu project for the housing project - latest info

Romel Jacinto penguin at techbandit.com
Wed Jun 20 17:32:14 PDT 2007

On Wed, 20 Jun 2007, Rick Moen wrote:

> 2) a physical survey of the (unspecified number of) keyboardless,
> monitorless, mouseless Dell Optiplex Gx150 boxen to verify their
> condition and usefulness.  (They sound fine, but one should check.)

There will be 15 boxen donated.
I've heard the lab will accomodate 12 computer setups, but I'm not 

Although they had all been working when they were decommissioned over the 
past several months, they've been moved to and fro as we struggled to find 
spare storage space for them, so it would be prudent to verify that they 
are all still working and useful, as Rick as wisely suggested.
One of the live Linux CD's that are lightweight might be a useful tool to 
do this.

Some of the external cases are scratched, but that should not affect 


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