[sf-lug] Ubuntu project for the housing project - latest info

Michael Blanc mblanc at znet.com
Tue Jun 19 18:27:34 PDT 2007

Everybody ready?  Here's what I have been able to learn from Kami at this point:

The destination location for the computers is an already-existing, though un(der)used computer learning room located in a public housing complex on Haight at Buchanan. There are already about five machines there with NT or Win2000, which are semi-usable, and which we should probably leave as they are on this occasion. Some other machines are there which are not in use, with and an unknown number of extra monitors, amount of spare parts, etc. The nature of the network/Internet hookup is unknown, but is presumed to exist in some form (cable, DSL?)

The equipment which is to be received (on Thursday, I think), consists of bare units without screens, kbs, or rodentae, but it sounds as if they have ethernet cards and possibly CD drives.

Kami's intention is to start classes there for school kids, which sounds like a worthwhile goal. She wants to teach OPEN OFFICE. Can we supply an installation of it? She has also mentioned a vesion of Ubuntu for schools called Edubuntu, but this is a lower priority, certainly at this point. I recommend that we bring several distributions and then see which one works (best). Bring screwdrivers, not the alcohloic kind. Even bring some bootable 3.5" diskettes for diagnostic purposes.

We'llsee how far we get. It may be that all we could do is plan out what to do next time; maybe we get the whole thing done that afternoon; we'll just see what we see.

Where and when for this:            310 Haight Street (at Buchanan)
                                                This SATURDAY (June 23) 1 P.M.

The place is called the Hayes Valley South Learning Center, but Kami said there is no sign to that effect. The facility is essentially a public room inside the project. A woman named Gloria is our contact, though Kami will be there for sure.
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