[sf-lug] the bin full of laptops

bobbie sellers bliss at california.com
Thu May 17 13:04:41 PDT 2007

Hi jim stockford, n 05/17/07, you wrote:

>    I tho't some of you'd be interested, after the noise,
> that this is actually in the works.

>    the mysterious person has given me, jim, the bin
> full of laptops with the expressed wish to pass them
> out to veterans, per Susan's request.
>    I've got to gussy them up a bit--get the old data off,
> put linux on, one needs a hard drive (which is
> coming, compliments of the mysterious person).
>    The linux distro that I'm considering is Ubuntu.
> Anybody got opinions?
>    the laptops do not have wi-fi, so wi-fi is a matter
> of getting PCMCIA cards. Opinions are welcome.

    I will see if the homecare provider who wishes to have
a laptop feels she can afford to pay for a wireless card and
offer her my assistance in the ordering of same.

    Meantime I downloaded the current DSL iso and made a boot
install disk which might be useful for those binned machines
with a cd-rom and a smaller capacity drive and less memory.


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